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Pharmacy, the final frontier. These are the voyages of 986 Pharmacy. To explore new medications, to provide health care to everyone, and to boldly change our industry every day we breathe.


Pharmacies we’ve opened up the past 10 years.


Patients we help every year. (23% through services.)


Job’s we’ve created through our pharmacies.

More Pharmacy, Less Doctor

To keep our patient’s body temperature at 98.6 degrees, doing more than just prescriptions, and making everyone’s life simple through a creative & healthy entrepreneurship.

Yellow Brick Road
The road that has lead us to 986.



Partner Health Care
Monrovia, CA


Hendricks Pharmacy


El Monte Pharmacy

Kyoto Pharmacy

Columbus Pharmacy

Sav-Now Pharmacy

Payless Pharmacy 1

Payless Pharmacy 2

Payless Pharmacy 3

Payless Pharmacy 4

Meet The Team

In 2014, 3 pharmacists, 1 lawyer, 1 creative, and an analyst came together. The first thing we asked each other was what we can do or have been doing to improve healthcare. Meet the team and the answers we gave.

Ken Thai, PharmD


Henry Chang, PharmD


Brian Garner, PharmD


Dr. Brian Garner began his pharmacy career in 1989 at Sav-On Drugs as a cashier. Shortly after, he became licensed as a Pharmacy Technician. While working as a Pharmacy Technician, he continued his education until earning his Pharm.D. from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in Los Angeles in 2002. He purchased Hendricks Pharmacy in July 2003 in Claremont, California. Since then, Dr. Garner has partnered with several other pharmacists to open other pharmacies, El Monte Pharmacy, Bella Vista Pharmacy, & Partner Healthcare Pharmacy. Dr. Garner is interested in the implementation of collaborative-practice based disease state management services within the community pharmacy setting. With the assistance of Dr. Hess from Western University of Health Sciences, he has begun such programs at Hendricks Pharmacy. Additionally, Hendricks Pharmacy serves as a training site for pharmacy students as well as graduates in the Community Pharmacy Residency Program. Dr. Garner lectures at the College of Pharmacy in Pomona, California as a volunteer adjunct faculty member, and he continues to focus on improving patient services and providing a prominent educational experience for future pharmacists.



Sally Thai, esq

Legal Council

Ammie Whang, PharmD

Title TBD

Ammie is one of the core founders of 986 because she knows how to keep us moving cohesively and aggressively, in the most…

Vijay Amarshi

Creative Director

Vijay Amarshi is our creative and technical guy. His a proud founder of 986 and runs company called PCYNE, pronounced P Sign.

Cheers , from us to you.

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