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Franchise Opportunities

10 years and 10 independent pharmacies later, we’re franchising our pharmacy concept. We’ll be opening up our concept to pharmacists everywhere after our flagship launches in 2016. Our mission: simple & independent.

3 Tiers Perfect: Your Buy In Options

There are 3 franchise tiers, each offering different methods of corporate involvement and equity/salary compensation -all 100% true to the independent lifestyle. Open a new pharmacy or convert your existing pharmacy. Switch between tiers anytime you want.





We’ll bring them in, you keep them healthy.

To master the art of pharmacy, it requires a combination of strategic planning prior to opening, minimizing operational procedures, and a strong creative and technical approach to marketing. With 986 you get all of the above, and then some more.





More Doctor From Your Pharmacist

We offer more services with a higher level of engagement with a patients doctor. Through the simplicity of our digital framework, we’re able to captivate the power of patient care to create an exponentially growing database of patients.





We’re built collectively, but run independently. Look out for our flagship opening up in La Verne, California in 2016. Let us know if you’re interesting in 986.

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