Globally expanding independent pharmacy opportunities.

We’re helping US pharmacy students and international pharmacists by giving them the ability to own their own pharmacy right after graduating.

1 The 986 Team spends a lot of time with students, prepping them for the independent pharmacy world, before they become pharmacists. Their passion & youth is an extremely powerful force that allows this industry to thrive. 

2 60% of our board comes from China, India and Brazil. We’ve helped many international professionals become a US pharmacist or work in a US pharmacy. We believe we can influence change to the world to practice health care with the prestige the US does.

We have 2 Student Graduate Programs.

US Student Internship Program (uSIP)

Entering the independent pharmacy market is extremely competitive, but if done correctly, community pharmacists is a highly rewarding profession and extremely profitable. The high financial costs to open a pharmacy, legislation changes that minimize insurance reimbursements, and the time committed to running a pharmacy, deter graduates from utilizing their youth to enter the independent pharmacy realm. If you’re a current pharmacy student in the US and have an entrepreneurial spirit to change the pharmacy world, uSIP will eliminate these challenges and set you up with your own independent 986 Pharmacy right after graduating.

There are 2 possible outcomes with uSIP:

1. Exceptional graduates that complete uSIP will be matched with an investment through 986 that will fuel the growth of their own independent 986 Pharmacy. They will be given an equity and competitive starting salary, with the option to earn more equity over time.

2. Graduates will be placed to work in an existing 986 Pharmacy with a salary and put on a waitlist for your own pharmacy that is funded by 986.

Contact us via sending your resume to and current status to students@986pharmacy.com.

International Pharmacists eb5 Program (iPEP)

International patrons looking to practice pharmacy spend millions of dollars and an average of 10 years trying to obtain a visa. Our iPEP’s mission is to open up business opportunities to international residents interested in healthcare, saving them time and money. The program is for two groups of people :

1. International patrons with a pharmacy degree or have educated themselves with a pharmacy focus (from an accredited international university) looking to start their own pharmacy in the US.

2. For international families looking to send their children to the US for a better education and for families that are seeking a permanent Visa for their entire family in the US for a better lifestyle.

We educate, mentor, and employ qualified individuals through the entire process. From the completion of government mandated 1500 intern hours and 2 proficiency exams (NAPLEX and CPJE , the entire immigration process through F1 and eb5 Visas, and management training to run their own pharmacy. At the end of a successful iPEP, individuals will be qualified to practice pharmacy in the US, have a permanent US Visa for themselves (and their families), and their own pharmacy that provides income and a ROI.

Please visit our international site for more information.

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