Making owning a pharmacy more affordable.

While we all can’t own an industry like our friend Scrooge, we do believe that every pharmacist should own their own pharmacy.

“I can wish for the world’s biggest diamond… no, the biggest diamond mine… no, no, all the diamond mines… no, the entire mining industry! I can see why this can take some careful thought.”
-Scrooge McDuck

We’re making starting & owning a pharmacy easy by bringing in outside investors to fuel the growth of our pharmacies. We’re putting pharmacists in front of the counter allowing them to spend more time with their patients and less time worrying about the success of their independent pharmacy. We want pharmacist to do what they do best -be a pharmacist.

We’re fueling the growth of our pharmacies through the required investments of each pharmacy’s Managing Pharmacist and through our own investment. We’ve opened up a 3rd investment method through an outside investor or investors. This capital structure is what has ensured our 100% success rate with each pharmacy we have opened up.

Outside investments are accepted through an approval process. Learn more about our current investment opportunities below.

International Investors


There is a growing demand for independent pharmacies and permanent Visas in the United States. International applicants have the opportunity to invest into a US business and get a permanent Visa for themselves and their family through 986.We believe that international investments in health care is a win-win-win. Pharmacies save more lives, everyone profits, and international patrons get an automatic permanent residency to the US. We’re calling this The Perfect eb5.

Our International Site is catered to your language, and outlines the details of this opportunity, including the legal immigration process.

Note: Access to our International Site is password protected and restricted to serious interests. Request access from the following link.


Private US Investors


We’re offering private US investors equity in our franchise locations. The lack of opportunities for private investors in an independent healthcare company is due to the strict government regulation for how pharmacies are owned, governed, and operated -specifically the majority ownership % of the pharmacy must be owned by a pharmacist. Because the 986 Board is 66% owned by pharmacists and 986 contributes equity to each franchise along side with the managing pharmacists, we are able to free up a lucrative equity stake for a 3rd party investor.

We’ve currently opened up 10 pharmacies. At pharmacy # 25, we’re opening this program up to US investors looking to invest in a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 franchise locations. We’re currently determining potential interests and fine tuning this investment system for a launch in the Summer of 2016. Please let us know if you’re interested, your qualifications, and what you would like to see develop with this opportunity.

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Why would a pharmacy investment be lucrative?

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